The management of Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU), together with departments and student organizations, organize activities and events to celebrate the university’s 50th Anniversary throughout the year. The management hopes that the celebration activities will enable all parties, including students, staff, and alumni, to have a deeper understanding of the mission of Shue Yan, and the new strategy of the university to use technology to promote innovation in teaching, learning, and research.

Digital and online celebration activities

Professor CHEUNG Siu Keung, Associate Vice President (University Administration), told Shue Yan Newsletter that in order to highlight the mission and original aspiration of Shue Yan, the management chose “Reconfirming our commitment to the cultivation of benevolence and the advancement of knowledge” (敦仁如一 博物致新) as the theme of the 50th Anniversary. It expresses not only the meaning of Shue Yan’s motto, but also the “changeable” and “unchangeable” features of Shue Yan. “Unchangeable” means Shue Yan will insist on pursuing education that promotes benevolence; while “changeable” means Shue Yan will constantly quest for innovation and breakthrough.

Professor CHEUNG said recognizing the “new normal” under COVID-19 and the strategic development of Shue Yan, the management of the university decided to hold celebration activities mainly online and digitally.

Professor CHEUNG Siu Keung

Connecting students, staff, and alumni

Ms. YIP Sau Yin, Sophia, Associate Vice President (Student Affairs), has been involved in planning the 30th, 35th, 40th, 45th, and this year’s 50th Anniversary celebration activities. She stated what Dr. HU Hung Lick, Henry, President of the university, has always said: the main stakeholders of Shue Yan include students, staff, and alumni, and they are indispensable. So, in planning the 50th Anniversary celebration activities, the organizing committee decided to uphold the principle of linking up students, staff, and alumni to celebrate.

The 50th Anniversary celebration activities started in March 2021 and will last until the end of this year. The most memorable day of the 50th Anniversary is September 20, 2021, because 50 years ago, Shue Yan held her first inauguration ceremony to welcome students for the academic year of 1971/1972 at Hong Kong City Hall.

A wide range of celebration activities

Celebration activities initiated by organizing committee (see figure 1):

The 50th Anniversary website

The 50th Anniversary website will be launched in May to provide students, staff, alumni, and Hong Kong people with information about Shue Yan’s history and mission, the meaning of celebration, and celebration activities. Videos and photos will also be available for revisit.

Shue Yan Golden Jubilee Long Service Awards

The Shue Yan Golden Jubilee Long Service Awards will be offered to full-time and part-time staff who have been serving the university for 15 years or above, to honour their contribution to Shue Yan. According to Ms. YIP, the awards will be presented to staff in a special way.

Campus decoration

Gate Mural Painting

Famous local illustrator and mural painter Ms. Zoie LAM is invited to paint murals for Shue Yan on three metal gates at the entrance of Lady Lily Shaw Hall Two experience days of mural painting, hosted by Zoie, had been organized for students and staff on March 4 and 8 respectively. Participants, under the instruction of Zoie, painted on the gates. She will host a sharing session on April 9 to talk about her discovery in the art of painting and illustrations.

Main Building lift lobby murals

Eight partition walls at the lift lobby of the Main Building will be painted a great Chinese character which is related to the motto and mission of Shue Yan (敦、仁、博、物、樹、德、立、人) particularly. Each character will be accompanied by beautiful murals.

The 50th Anniversary special souvenirs

Commemorative certificate of graduation

A commemorative certificate of graduation issued by Hong Kong Shue Yan University will be given to alumni who have completed a simple questionnaire.

University Lapel Pin

A lapel pin is produced as a gift to alumni and students who have participated in selected celebration activities.

Sports jacket

Sports jacket with the 50th Anniversary logo will be given as gifts or can be purchased by staff, students, and alumni.

First day cover & special stamps

Shue Yan will issue First day cover and special stamps for the 50th Anniversary to commemorate Shue Yan holding her first inauguration ceremony to welcome students 50 years ago (1971) at Hong Kong City Hall.

Mobile Messaging Application Sticker

The university will provide students, staff, and alumni with a mobile messaging application sticker, enabling them to send good-will to family members and friends. The design of the sticker will incorporate Shue Yan’s mascot “peng niao” (鵬鳥).

Ms. Sophia YIP
Student activities

According to Ms. Sophia YIP, student activities and events organized by the Office of Students Affairs and other units of the university will be incorporated in celebrating the 50th Anniversary student activities. Some mass activities and events are indicated as follows:

Online Career Fair 2021

HKSYU Online Career Fair 2021 was held from 1 to 31 March, 2021, to prepare students for entering the job market.

Virtual Sports Day

Virtual Sports Day was held on 23 March 2021 from 12 noon to 1:00 pm at the Jockey Club Multimedia Production Centre of Research Complex. (Please see page 10 for details.)

Scholarship award ceremony

This year’s scholarship award ceremony will be held on 30 April, during the 50th Anniversary year.

Hall activities

Hall Management Unit Office will organize the “Shue Yan Corner – Hidden Beauty Photo Collection”, encouraging hall residents and staff to explore the hidden beauty of the campus.

50th Anniversary song

An alumnus of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature was invited to write the 50th Anniversary song. The name of the song is “仁心”. Some lyrics are referenced from the university anthem in order to express the mission of Shue Yan. 50 students, staff, and alumni will form the choir to sing the song, and a music video will be professionally done and uploaded to the university website, as well as the 50th Anniversary website.

Orientation Day

The orientation day for new students will be held in late August, and invite the new students to join the celebration.

The 47th Graduation Ceremony

The 47th Graduation Ceremony is scheduled in either November or December 2021. The element of celebration will be contained in the ceremony so as to make it more meaningful and memorable.

Alumni activities

“Shue Yan Memories” Photo Collection

Alumni will be invited and encouraged to send their old photos related to Shue Yan to their alma mater to form a collection of “Shue Yan Memories.” The collection will help to preserve the history and memories of Shue Yan. It will be made available on the 50th Anniversary website.

Alumni interviews

The Office of Student Affairs will arrange interviews with around 10 pairs of alumni, and the videos and interview articles will be published in the 50th Anniversary website and Shue Yan Newsletter. The uniqueness of these interviews lies in the close relationship of each pair. They are in the family relationship, including father and son, couples, and siblings.

Academic activities

According to Professor CHEUNG Siu Keung, every department will hold academic activities and events to celebrate the 50th Anniversary and to enrich students’ academic life during this special year. Under the COVID-19 pandemic, most of these activities will be conducted online.

Professor CHEUNG said some of the academic activities are co-held by Shue Yan and government units, for example, the Hong Kong Central Library, or external organizations. The university hopes that these activities will support knowledge transfer and pass the information about Shue Yan’s 50th Anniversary to the public. (See figure 2)



Source: March 2021 Issue