To students of HKSYU, from stages of application, admission confirmation to graduation, all affairs related to registration and academics are followed by the Registry staff. The Associate Vice President (Registry) Mr. AU YEUNG Wai Keung, Nigel, revealed to the reporter of Shue Yan Newsletter that the Registry hired an Information Technology Manager to coordinate the enhancement plan of WebSIMS and to strengthen the electronic services provided by the Registry.

With regards to Mr. AU YEUNG, last year during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, as students were unable to apply for documents like transcripts and testimonials in campus, the Registry started to provide online applications and payment methods. In November 2020, the Registry hired the IT Manager who is responsible for the enhancement project of Student Information Management Systems (SIMS). By enhancement, it is expected that WebSIMS could be developed to a multi-function online platform and to make services more efficient, such as registration, course selection and announcement of academic results. Under the enhancement, WebSIMS is to provide more information to students, like displaying the total amount of earned academic credits, application of transcripts and testimonial documents.

In addition, according to Mr. AU YEUNG, the duties of Registry have been rearranged since the social movements and COVID-19 pandemic have brought different levels of challenges to teaching, learning, and assessment. For example, under the threat of coronavirus, the campus was locked down, all the final examinations were changed to online mode. Regarding the online examinations, the form, requirements, and assessment rules are different from the previous on-campus examinations, and the Registry thus required to formulate new instructions and guidelines. It is fortunate that the work was accomplished smoothly with the guidance of senior management and cohesion from the registry staff.

Mr. AU YEUNG joined the Registry in 1991 and has seen 30 years of changes for both the school and Registry. He recalled that when he joined in 1991, the Registry Office was located at G03 of the Main Building, and later expanded to G04 nearby. Following the development of the University, the Registry was moved to the LG103, and then the current location RHB 305 and 306 of the Research Complex.

There were more than 10 colleagues 30 years ago, around 3 to 4 colleagues each for the faculties of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce. Now the number of colleagues has increased to around 40. Along with the start of postgraduate programmes, the Registry has arranged staff to specifically handle postgraduate affairs.

Considering the most unforgettable moment while working in Registry, Mr. AU YEUNG said the first thing was Shue Yan became the first private University in December 2006. He witnessed HKSYU’s growth from a post-secondary college that offered diploma education to the first private university that offered bachelor’s degree programmes in Hong Kong. This certified the University motto “Cultivating virtues of benevolence; broadening horizon and knowledge” (敦仁博物) from the Principal and President, and showed the hard work of HKSYU was finally recognized by the society.

The second unforgettable moment for Mr. AU YEUNG happened after he joined for several years. Back then he was in charge of the administrative work of the Department of Business Administration. On a Saturday morning, a year-3 student came to Registry Office and wished the school grant him a graduate certificate on discretion. The student was diagnosed with cancer and, afraid there was not much time left, wished the school could help him fulfill his wish of finishing tertiary education. However, as he has not completed his study, Mr. AU YEUNG suggested issuing him a testimonial to certify his student status and the expected date of graduation if he fulfills all the course requirements. The student refused and insisted on the issuance of a graduate certificate by the Registry. Mr. AU YEUNG then suggested he suspending study and resume after recovery. One day, several months later, his elder brother helped him process withdrawal of study because that student had unfortunately passed away.

To the unfulfilled wish, it was a pity and Mr. AU YEUNG sadly expressed his thoughts: “Some want to study, and value the results of learning, but fail to finish due to different situations. Some do not treasure the precious learning opportunity and neglect studies.” He hopes students can bear in mind “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you (己欲立而立人,己欲達而達人),” and contribute to the society when earned and succeed.

Source50th Anniversary Special Issue