Hong Kong Shue Yan University has been awarded grants close to HK$6 million for nine research projects under the Research Grants Council’s 2023/2024 Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector.

Both the Department of Journalism and Communication and the Department of Counselling and Psychology secured funding for three research initiatives. Additionally, the Department of English Language and Literature, the Department of History and the Department of Business Administration each have one project that receives the grants.

Among them, six projects are funded between HK$310,000 and HK$960,000 under the Faculty Development Scheme (FDS) (see table). They will run from 18 months to two years respectively. Three other projects are awarded between HK$410,000 and HK$560,000 under the Inter-Institutional Development Scheme (IIDS). Each of them will last for a year.

This year, the FDS approved a total of 72 projects across local self-financing higher education institutions. The IIDS approves eight in total, in which three are awarded to Shue Yan’s researchers. Compared to other listed institutions in Hong Kong, Shue Yan achieves a notable success rate of 75% in IIDS grant applications.


Dr. Alex Li Wang-on, HKSYU Associate Academic Vice President (University Research), said the Research Office is actively promoting collaborations in interdisciplinary research.


With seven out of nine successful projects, this year falling within the purview of humanities and social sciences, Dr. Alex Li Wang-on, HKSYU Associate Academic Vice President (University Research), said the results reflect an alignment with the University’s mission in promoting digital humanities and reinventing liberal arts education. The Research Office remains steadfast in its commitment to support colleagues in pursuing research fundings and to foster a conducive environment for robust academic research.


Source: Autumn 2023 Issue