In a heartening display of community engagement and creative collaboration, students from Hong Kong Shue Yan University Department of Counselling and Psychology stepped up to support the “I See, I Feel, I Hear – Lighten Our Darkness” exhibition, organized by St John’s Cathedral’s Life Enrichment Centre. Held over three days from February 23 to 25 at the bustling Central Market, this exhibition shone a spotlight on inclusivity through smartphone imagery.

During the opening ceremony, Prof. Cheung Siu Keung, HKSYU Vice President (University Administration), underscored the university’s commitment to nurturing values of compassion and virtue. He lauded the efforts of alumni and students in fostering community care and fostering a culture of social inclusion and empathy.

Shue Yan alumni Rooney Chow, graduated in 2023 and now serving at the Life Enrichment Centre, said the participation of 15 dedicated Counselling and Psychology student volunteers has ensured the event’s success. Notably, their involvement extended beyond mere assistance, as they actively contributed to curating oral image recordings integral to the exhibition and offered a flute and guitar duet performance during the opening ceremony.

Under the curation of local photographer Kevin Leung, the exhibition showcased images captured by 21 individuals with diverse physical abilities, including the visually impaired, individuals with mobility constraints, and long-term patients. Through the lens of their smartphones, participants narrated their own heartfelt stories that transcended barriers.

Beyond the photo displays, the event featured engaging sharing sessions, braille experiences, and musical performances. Each exhibited photo was thoughtfully complemented by tactile graphics and audio description recordings, offering a multi-sensory experience that ensured accessibility for all attendees.

The opening ceremony kicked off the three-day “I See, I Feel, I Hear – Lighten Our Darkness” exhibition at the Central Market.
HKSYU student volunteers showcased the smartphone imageries to participants.
HKSYU student volunteer Carmen Lam performed a flute duet at the opening ceremony.
Each exhibited photo was complemented by tactile graphics and audio description recordings.



Source: Summer 2024 Issue