Dear Students:

Pursuant to the first outbreak of the COVID-19 three months ago, we are now beginning to see signs of amelioration and easing of the virus. Although there are still isolated imported and local cases, in general people in Hong Kong are feeling more confident about public health. We see a more relaxed demeanour, and the streets are coming alive again. During the past weekend, we have seen some crowding in shopping malls and restaurants, and the city seems to be recovering. Nonetheless we still need to remind each other to stay vigilant in our preventive measures – wearing face masks, frequent handwashing, social distancing – in order to continue to maintain an upper hand in this smokeless battle.

During the past few months, most activities on and off campus have been cancelled, and we have more time to stay at home. Like many of you, I watched movies online, and I saw an Oscar-winning movie entitled “Silver Lining Playbook”.

There is an English idiom: Every cloud has a silver lining. It refers to the physical fact that no matter how dark the clouds are, there is always a silver lining around them. The idiom is a metaphor of hope in that no matter how awful or seemingly hopeless a day may be, dawn always arrives.

So, what have I personally gained during this pandemic? The thing most worthy of mention is that I have had more time to be with my father. We may not have long and extended conversations, but simply watching him taking a rest, reading the newspapers, occasionally accompanying him on a walk on Wai Tsui Crescent…. Well, staying close to loved ones, without the adornment of words, links and fills our hearts with contentment.

Dear Students, so what have you gained during this trying period of time?

For Hong Kong as a whole, our economy is definitely taking a beating, and we expect to see a sharp increase in unemployment rates. Students graduating this year are most likely going to encounter major challenges in their job-seeking endeavours. The University will do its utmost to offer assistance, and even as I am penning this letter, the Office of Students Affairs have already been contacting and networking with potential employers to place their recruitment notices at our job portal at We have also extended our employment counselling services to an online platform, and invited specialists from various fields to interact with you in order to provide more comprehensive support to your job-seeking and career planning efforts. I must take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to the HKSYU Alumni Association which has been working hard to reach out to alumni to provide job opportunities to our graduates. This spirit of benevolence and mutual support is the turbo energy we need to move ahead in times of adversity.

Dear Graduates: The current external environment will be full of challenges, and you must be psychologically prepared to encounter all sorts of setback. Perhaps you will feel frustrated or even depressed, and do not know what the future holds for you, but when you don’t see a way out, you cannot afford to feel defeated or to give up. Remember: Every cloud has a silver lining.

In the past year, we have all experienced many unusual happenings. We must believe that unforgettable memories and a wondrous life will not evaporate when your four years at Shue Yan come to an end.

There is a circle of life which keeps revolving and rejuvenating. My colleagues and I will use the summer well to prepare ourselves for a new academic year in September and our graduation ceremonies in November. See you then!

Fai Chung HU

20 May 2020

Source: May Issue 2020