On 24 March 2021, Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU) hosted an international conference to provide researchers and experts from the business sector with a platform to discussion and exchange knowledge on digital entrepreneurship, FinTech and FinReg.

The conference was one of the main academic activities for the University’s 50th Anniversary, and was co-hosted by the Department of Business Administration, Department of Economics and Finance, and Department of Law and Business.

It was also an event of “The Evolution of Digital Entrepreneurship, FinTech and FinReg” project, funded by the Inter-institutional Development Scheme (IIDS) (2019/2020) of Research Grants Council. The amount awarded was HK$511,850.

More than 100 participants joined the conference online and offline.

The keynote speaker of the conference (opening session), Professor Longbing CAO, a professor and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow at the University of Technology Sydney, delivered the speech “AI, FinTech and Big data: landscape and applications.”

Keynote speaker of the opening session, Professor Longbing CAO

Dr. Oriol CAUDEVILLA, Fellow at the Digital Euro Association in Germany, delivered the closing session keynote speech “Blockchain in Banking: Possible Use Cases and Benefits.”

Keynote speaker of the closing session, Dr. Oriol CAUDEVILLA

In the panel discussion, four industrial experts shared their insights on the development of artificial intelligence as a supplement/complement for compliance work, including Ms. Brit Blakeney ANGHELAKIS (Executive Director, Innovation and Ecosystems, Consumer Banking Group, DBS Bank (HK) Ltd), Mr. Cheney CHENG (Managing Partner, Altive Group, and Chairman, Apoidea Group), Mr. Eric Shun-Kuen CHAN (Deputy CEO of CNBCB (HK) Capital Ltd), and Mr. Andre LEUNG (CEO of Aereve).

Panel discussion

In the roundtable discussion session, three industrial experts, shared their insights on the evolution of digital entrepreneurship. They were: Mr. Rono KWONG (Group Chairman, Asia Interactive Content Holding Limited), Mr. Percy CHAN (CEO & Partner, Jiyan Investment Management (HK) Co. Ltd), and Mr. Gordon LAM (Chairman, Sino-Future Group Limited).

Roundtable discussion

Nearly 20 academics from the University, including the Department of Business Administration, Department of Economics and Finance, Department of Law and Business, and Department of History participated the conference, and presented their research outputs in the presentation sessions.

Dr. Thomas Wai Kee, YUEN, Principle Investigator of the “The Evolution of Digital Entrepreneurship, FinTech and FinReg” project and Assistant Professor of the Department of Economics and Finance, said he would like to express his heartfelt thanks to all speakers and participants for their support and contribution to the conference, especially to the senior management of the University, Research Office, department heads of the Business Faculty, and members of the conference committee.

“I believe that the conference has provided an opportunity for colleagues and students to extend their research, as well as business connections,” Dr. YUEN said.

According to Dr. YUEN, the IIDS project website has received over 1,000 visitors globally and more than 3,000 views for the past 9 months.


Source: April 2021 Issue