One often hears the term “mediation” in connection with the resolution of disputes. What is “mediation”? Why is it sometimes suggested that “mediation” would be a better alternative to the litigation process?

To promote the idea of “mediation” that helps resolve a dispute through an amicable process among secondary school students, the Department of Law and Business co-hosted the first Hong Kong Interschool Mediation Tournament (“Tournament”) online via Zoom with the Hong Kong Schools Mooting and Mock Trial Association on 27-28 March 2021.

This two-day Tournament aims at promoting mediation through education and competitive games.

Ms. Sze Sze YUEN (second from left), Dr. Wendy LUI (third from left), and Mr. Samuel LAW (first from left) were invited to be the speakers for the Tournament.

The Department first introduced some basic concepts of mediation and some basic mediation skills applicable in everyday life to around 40 participants from secondary schools in Hong Kong through interactive lectures and games on Day One. On Day Two, participants were given an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they had learned to the hypothetical scenarios in the mock mediation sessions. All participants were very proactive in their learning and actively interacted with the speakers.

The Department is grateful to everyone for their enthusiastic support and response, which have definitely contributed to the success of this event.

Some of the guest assessors came to the campus to help assess the participants’ performance in the Tournament.
All members of the organizing committee of the Tournament
The support team was providing logistics and administrative support for the Tournament.
The support team

Source: April 2021 Issue