Mr. Steven LOKE Kok-kuen, Hong Kong Shue Yan University’s (HKSYU) Governor and Executive Chairman of iFREE GROUP, urges Shue Yan students to make use of the Big Data Lab to learn how to handle and analyse big data to prepare for their future career, and commit to acting with integrity and perseverance when they develop their career.

Mr. LOKE is a successful entrepreneur.  His iFREE GROUP is a conglomerate focusing on technology, media and communication business. He is also intent on supporting tertiary education and nurturing digital talent as an important part of his corporate social responsibility initiative.

Early in 2018, Mr. LOKE and iFREE GROUP donated HK$1,000,000 to HKSYU to set up the “iFREE Entrance Scholarship”, making available an annual entrance scholarship for new students admitted to Year 1 of the Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Digital Marketing (BBA-DM) programme. Each year, a maximum of 50 scholarships of HK$20,000 each will be given out. Moreover, in July 2019, iFREE GROUP signed a Memorandum of Understanding with HKSYU to donate HK$20,000,000 to set up the iFREE GROUP Innovation and Research Centre at HKSYU.

In January 2020, Mr. LOKE took up the role of HKSYU’s Governor for a term of three years.

In an interview with Shue Yan Newsletter in mid-September, he talked about the value of big data technology and the functions of a big data lab, and the importance of integrity and the basic attitude required in career development.

Mr. LOKE said succinctly that big data lab is a “platform of information”. Through handling and analysing big data, business can develop smarter solutions.

“Data is king. For example, under the COVID-19 pandemic, many institutions over the world are very keen on developing effective vaccines to protect against the virus. If you can’t get enough information, especially about how the virus is mutating, you can do nothing. If you have information, accurate information, you can get a better solution. An old proverb says: If better is possible, good is not enough.” Mr. LOKE said.

Mr. LOKE urges Shue Yan students to learn how to process and analyse big data, and to reengineer and develop smarter solutions for different aspects. This applies to Shue Yan as well.

“In the internet world, speed matters. The University and students should leverage the big data lab for different comprehensive applications.” He said.

When asked about the support he and iFREE GROUP could give to the development of Shue Yan, Mr. LOKE said iFREE GROUP has numerous global partners, such as Veea、Syniverse、Mimik Technology, who are willing to share and explain the real-world development, innovations and corporate environment to students.

Talking about the strength of the BBA-DM programme, Mr. LOKE said this programme is very timely especially during the COVID-19 situation where most people are working from home. It is essential for students to learn about online and offline marketing.

During the interview, Mr. LOKE also talked about the two qualities which young people needed to cultivate when entering the job market. The first is integrity, and the second is having an upright mind.

“Integrity emanates from inside of you. It is very important where you put your heart, and how you set your goals. If you want to have a good future, I suggest that you use your integrity and upright mind to do the best thing.” Mr. LOKE said.

Mr. LOKE is a Malaysian Chinese, educated in Malaysia and the United Kingdom. He can speak fluent English and Cantonese, but cannot read Chinese. He has near 30 years’ experience in business and extensive contact with young people in different countries and regions. His group employs many young people, as well as Shue Yan’s graduates.

When asking about his impression of Hong Kong’s young people, Mr. LOKE said overall their attitudes and orientation are good, but because of the many career opportunities available, they are prone to quit their jobs when they encounter setbacks of frustration.

“Young people should persevere in their work, and learn to love their jobs. Some young people regard job changing as a way to get a salary increase, but with frequent changes, they can really learn very little when they only stay in one place for a short period of time. If they persevere, then perhaps they will get promoted and be in a better position to understand how the company is working and learn its business strategies. Young people can afford to take more time to choose what they like to do and learn what they can do. However, once their mind is made up, they should remain steadfast in the pursuit of their goals – to work and to learn.” Mr. LOKE said.

Mr. LOKE also advises that while young people should have confidence in themselves, they must not over-simplify their views of the world or go to extremes. It’s just like one should learn to make use of big data to give oneself an informed and detailed look at the market. “This way, one will achieve better accuracy in one’s endeavours, thus increasing the chances of success.”

Talking about communication skills, Mr. LOKE’s tips are: always have a smiling face, and avoid unfriendly words.

Mr. Steven LOKE and Professor SUN, left, signed a MOU in July 3, 2019, regarding a donation of HK$20,000,000 from iFREE GROUP to set up the iFREE GROUP Innovation and Research Centre at HKSYU.

Source: October 2020 Issue

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