Since the launch of Study Abroad Scheme in 2015/2016, International Unit (IU) has dispatched around 250 students abroad. We are hoping to get more resources to support more students to exchange in universities outside Asia.

Mr. Stephen TONG, Head of International Unit (IU) said HKSYU has signed agreements with 75 universities outside Hong Kong, covering more than 30 countries and regions. In order to enrich learning experience, broaden international horizon and advance personal development, our students can opt to exchange for one semester or an entire year.

At the moment, outbound exchange students can apply for the following scholarships/ subsidies:
1. Hong Kong Shue Yan University – Dr Li Dak Sum Student Exchange Scholarship
2. Subsidy schemes under Education Bureau of HKSAR Government
3. Reaching Out Award of Education Bureau, HKSAR Government

Mr. TONG pointed out that since the above scholarships/ subsidies cannot offset the expenses for exchange in Europe and America, those students with budget constraints are confined to universities in Asia. Therefore, IU is actively seeking additional subsidies in the hope that our students can have the opportunities to go for an exchange in Europe and America.

IU started to organize summer programmes and internship abroad in 2016. These programmes were quite popular and attracted lots of students in 2016 – 2019. Unfortunately, these programmes have been suspended for two summers due to the pandemic.

IU highly encourages our students to participate in activities organised by our partner universities, such as, International Student Conversation Rooms and Hidden Business Champions. All overseas activities have been forced to go online because of the pandemic. However, it presents an opportunity to our students since the online academic exchange cost less money and time on travelling. IU intends to work with our partner universities to launch different programmes. This way our students can interact with counterparts from different cultures without leaving Hong Kong.

Exchange Programme is a reciprocal arrangement. Since 2015/2016, HKSYU has accepted 91 inbound exchange students from our partner universities. To enhance the internalization of our campus, IU regularly recruits our students to become “exchange buddies”. Without the need to leave Hong Kong, the buddies can build up close relations with inbound exchange students, learn from each other and broaden their horizons.

Outgoing student: Ms. YIP Ching Yi

Ms. YIP Ching Yi, a student from the Department of Business Administration, went on a 1-semester exchange in January 2016 to Södertörn University in Sweden.

On account of her outstanding performance, she was recommended by the University and received the 2016 Global Swede Award. She would like to advise fellow students to treasure the opportunity of learning in universities overseas, as being an exchange student would not only enrich one’s life experiences but also make one become independent. At first, she was worried about adapting to the lifestyle in Sweden, but Södertörn University.


Source:50th Anniversary Special Issue