In order to improve Hong Kong Shue Yan University’s facilities to better enrich students’ and teachers’ campus life and exchange, Associate Vice President (University Administration) Professor CHEUNG Siu-Keung revealed the latest campus development plan for the next 8-10 years in an interview with Shue Yan Newsletter. The major action items for enriching campus life will take place at the 7th-9th floors of Library Complex and LG1-LG6 of the Academic Building, matching one of the goals of the University’s 2021-2025 Strategic plan to continuously improve campus space facilities.

Professor CHEUNG outlined the preliminary plan of converting the upper floor of Lady Lily Shaw Hall to a new stack area of the library. The emptied 7th-9th floors of the Library Complex will be converted into part-library development area and part-office rooms for teachers. If everything goes smoothly as scheduled, the teachers will start moving in from their offices in the Academic Building on LG1-LG6 in the summer of 2023 or 2024.

Professor CHEUNG added, “after the teachers have moved into the Library Complex, the University will try our best to ensure a stable and pleasant environment for them to work, rather than exhausting their time and efforts on moving around.”

Professor CHEUNG further explained that rooms in LG1-LG6 in the Academic Building will be converted into activity rooms and common areas with new facilities. They will be specially designed to cater gatherings and exchanges between teachers and students. The facilities of new classrooms will be the same as classrooms on the 1st-4th floors.

The transformation of the Library Complex is expected to start in 2023. The University envisions the library to have a cultural and humanistic atmosphere. A coffee corner will be set up to add a touch of modernity and style.

The University has successfully established increasing number of research centres. Professor CHEUNG coordinates with the relevant departments to create a new co-working space for the research centres. The new co-working space will bring research colleagues together and foster connections and exchanges among research colleagues. The University’s ultimate goal is to develop more cross-disciplinary collaborative research projects.

The University believes that being healthy and active are key for a well-balanced campus life and pledges to improve the sports venues and facilities on campus. Floors, windows and basketball stands at LG4 Sports Hall of the Academic Building have been renovated in summer to attract both staff and students. The indoor sports filed in the Residential and Amenities Complex will also be revived in future.

Source:50th Anniversary Special Issue